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Tru-Releaf All Natural Pain Relief Lotion Works in Minutes, Lasts Up to 12 Hours

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Clinically tested Tru-Releaf is an all natural pain relief lotion that works in minutes and lasts up to 12 hours. Proudly made in the USA from natural ingredients and powered with pure CBD.

Clinical studies show that Tru-Releaf delivers fast and effective pain relief, if THC-free and the only active ingredient, CBD, never enters your bloodstream.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Christian Lange
Good stuff

Good for aching joints and general pain

Kymberly Prouty
Best CBD lotion on the market.

I have tried many brands and Tru-Releaf is the only one that actually works well. I have multiple injuries and chronic pain - True-Releaf helps me keep going!

Justyn Jarusinsky

Tru-Releaf All Natural Pain Relief Lotion Works in Minutes, Lasts Up to 12 Hours

Jacque Moore
Migraine miracle

Suffer from migraines after head injury. I rub this on my neck and temples when I feel a migraine coming on. Works better than any pill from neurologist. A must have in our medicine cabinet.

Kleinops, Percy
It works!!!

I have used Tru-Releaf since its origin to relieve inflamation, sourness, arthritic pain, back pain and more. It works for me and others to whom I have recommended this product. Use it frequently after the first application until relieve is realized and then as needed but at least once or twice a day until complete relieve is realized. I rub some on the back of my neck to avoid soreness from having my head down when writing.